Made In Glitch podcast 17

- Apr, 15 2011

Jantsen is no stranger when it comes to electronic music. This Colorado native has been fully immersed into the dance music scene for over 12 years with his passion later blossoming into DJing and producing. Over the years Jantsen has established a strong presence in the scene through his eclectic sound , being influenced by many genres such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, hip hop, and many other kinds of world music he brings a style that is creative, unique, and is continuously evolving.
Jantsen’s enthusiastic personality shows in his DJ sets through his fun , energetic, and contagious stage presence. This bass driven all star has collaborated with some of the greats in dubstep & glitch hop such as Bassnectar and PropaTingz and has gained international support from some of the scenes top dj's . With a slew of releases that are set in order, big things are sure to come in 2011. This is only the beginning for Jantsen.

Jantsen exclusive mix for Made In Glitch is just few clicks away from you :)

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MIG Podcast 17 Tracklist
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01. Jantsen - Lets Get iLL
02. Roksonix - Skank Tank
03. Almighty Beatfreakz - Resident Soundboyz (Jantsen Remix)
04. Son of Kick - Playing the Villain (Jantsen Remix VIP)
05. Eptic - I Swear
06. Exponaut - E621
07. Jantsen - Sultan of Swing
08. Product 01 - Ready 2 Rage (Jantsen & Bassnectar Remix)
09. Son of Kick_ Playing the Villain
10. Vinyl Blight ft. Bongo Chilli - Mission (Jantsen Remix)
11. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom Shake the Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
12. NiN vs Harmonic 313 vs 2Pac (Jantsen Smashup Refix)
13. Snoop Dogg_ Pump Pump
12. Big Tuck_ Not a Stain (Jantsen Remix)
13. Jantsen & Bassnectar_ Blast Off
12. Jantsen_ The Mothership
13. FC Kahuna_ Hayling (Jantsen & PropaTingz Remix)